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A journey through the ages: New England in all its glory


Homestead Inn, Greenwich

A hearty slice of New England, distinctly European in flavour

Perched beside the skyscrapers and neon signs of New York lies New England: a throwback to purer times, an America of verdant forests and roaming wildlife. Many places let you cherish this world in full, but few are more beautiful than the 2.7 remarkable acres of The Homestead Inn – Thomas Henkelmann, Greenwich. Enveloped in a coat of traditional French architecture, this boutique hotel draws design inspiration from New England’s most admired characteristic – its autumn colours. Each room houses vibrant fabrics and earthy finishing touches, topped off with thoughtfully curated artworks.

It feels undeniably European, especially with its world-renowned French restaurant beckoning you for breakfast. Here you can enjoy a seasonal dish crafted by Thomas Henkelmann, an award-winning chef who has contributed to some of the world’s finest Michelin-star restaurants. It all adds up to a refined taste of New England life to start the day, but why not take to the road and revel in some more?

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70 Miles (113 Kilometres)

The road from Greenwich to Newport

From port to port - cruising the coast in true Bentley style

The persuasive power of the Continental makes leaving the serene backdrop of Greenwich a little easier than anticipated – its luxurious interior is just as breathtaking to look at, especially when you’re in the driving seat. The spectacular straights that skim the coastline bring New England’s maritime heritage up close: Cargo ships and trawlers speckle the horizon as you cruise across the Port of New Haven and breathe in the fresh sea air.

It’s not uncommon to see freshly caught fish being packaged at the water’s edge here, destined for some of the country’s most celebrated restaurants. A last flourish of speed is in order along the New London coast as you drive towards the lush Pachaug State Forest – the island in the distance is the perfect place for a midday break.

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149 Miles (240 Kilometres)

The Grill at Forty 1° North, Newport

For connoisseurs of experience - a raw taste of things to come

Widely regarded as the sailing capital of America, Newport is no stranger to the luxuries of the ocean – and you’re here to experience a true speciality. The Grill is an exclusive fine-dining experience, situated at the edge of a dockside overlooking crystalline waters and spectacular yachts. In perfect tandem with the morning’s essence of nature, this restaurant is renowned for its eco-friendly characteristics and sustainably sourced fresh, local produce.

Lunch here wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the raw bar – exceptionally fresh seafood served only hours after being taken out of the water offers up a true taste of luxury. Try the famed oysters in pineapple mignonette, best served with a bottle of triple-filtered sparkling water produced exclusively on the premises. It’s a refreshing stop-off, but the open road ahead has much more to offer.

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221 Miles (356 Kilometres)

The Liberty Hotel and Alton Lane, Boston

A fitting stop off in the heart of New England

Once the iconic Charles Street Jail of the mid 19th century, this landmark building has since flourished into a place of distinguished luxury and harmony. The Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston sits alongside some of the state’s most quaint antique shops, boutiques and bistros – a tapestry of heritage that provides a glorious welcome as you roll into town. Although the refined interior of the rooms might sway you to stay the night, the prospect of upgrading your wardrobe here is what really entices your curiosity.

A private appointment at the on-site Alton Lane's clothier rightfully earns this experience its ’Bespoke in Boston’ label. Choose from a vast array of luxury fabrics and have expert stylists measure you with cutting-edge 3D body imaging technology – a guaranteed perfect fit. It’s an unforgettable meeting of handcraftsmanship and technology, reminiscent of the Continental that brought you here.

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320 Miles (515 Kilometres)

The Bentley Continental GT

Luxury and performance in perfect harmony - A GT like no other

Leaving the Boston harbour behind, the arrow-straight Massachusetts Turnpike lets you put the Continental through its paces. Here, its effortless high speed is matched only by its sheer comfort – an unforgettable combination of luxury and performance. The winding country roads near Westfield showcase the agility expected of this first-rate GT, a testament to the electronically damped suspension and commanding all-wheel drive for which it is famous.

Its engine provides the perfect soundtrack for such drama, a reassuring growl as you dive further inland past clear-blue lakes and snaking streams. The pace of life seems to slow as you steer towards Lenox, the perfect time to flick on cruise control and take in some of New England’s most breathtaking scenery.

Continental GT: Fuel consumption in l/100 km: Urban 22.2; Extra Urban 10.1; Combined 14.5; CO2 Emissions (combined) 338 g/km.

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353 Miles (568 Kilometres)

Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio, Lenox

Where New England takes on a new form

Buried deep in 46 acres of woodland, the cubist exterior of Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio only hints at its story. Period furnishings, artwork and books – all crafted with an abstract flair – lie inside as a homage to the two people that gave this place its name. George L. K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen were, for many years, at the leading edge of the world’s art scene.

Today, they are being rediscovered by art aficionados. Take a walk around the house and appreciate their legacy up close, as well as the work of other renowned artists, including Picasso, Braque, Leger and Gris. A few hours here is time well spent, but there is much more to admire further on up the road.

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394 Miles (634 Kilometres)

Bennington Bridges, Vermont

Under bridges and over brooks - history comes alive behind the wheel

As the open road narrows and bends, a steady pace is favoured at the western edge of the Berkshire mountains – particularly as rolling fields and dramatic gorges are to be savoured out the window. It’s true to say that Bennington County is extraordinarily beautiful; its classic red covered bridges make for one of the most scenic drives in all of North America.

Spanning clear brooks and rivers, each has stood the test of time and picked up a story or two along the way. History unfolds mile after mile as you cruise northwards, a journey best spent behind the wheel of an iconic grand tourer.

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420 Miles (676 Kilometres)

The Equinox Resort, Manchester

Where new meets old - a modern retreat in classic backcountry

Nestled at the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest lies The Equinox Resort, a place that has played host to many American presidents and revolutionaries during its 200-year history. The hotel building was painstakingly restored three decades ago to offer guests the very finest modern amenities, and many secrets of its storied past were unveiled along the way. Today, it’s a place that offers as much breathtaking activity as serene relaxation.

Experience Vermont’s colonial past at the picturesque Hildene Meadows, where the British School of Falconry offers you a chance to indulge in one of the world’s oldest sports. As evening rolls in, a classic Seared Atlantic Wild Salmon dish at the famed Chop House restaurant is just the thing to end the day’s adventure – a journey back in time to a purer America, reserved only for those with a keen taste for the unique.

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From past to present - uncovering New England's true colours